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The Washington Redskins have appeared in the Super Bowl five times, winning three NFL championships. The team's victories are in bold:

  • Super Bowl VII (1-14-73) -- Miami Dolphins 14, Washington 7.
  • Super Bowl XVII (1-30-83) -- Washington 27, Miami 17.
  • Super Bowl XVIII (1-22-84) -- Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9.
  • Super Bowl XXII (1-31-88) -- Washington 42, Denver Broncos 10.
  • Super Bowl XXVI (1-26-92) -- Washington 37, Buffalo Bills 24.
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Q: What teams did Washington Redskins beat in the three Super Bowl?
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What three professional sport teams are not associated with a state?

Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Redskins

How many times did the redskins win super bowl?

The Washington Redskins won three (3) Super Bowls (1982, 1987, 1991).

What are the worst three football teams ever?

Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, and Jacksonville Jaguars

Do the Washington Redskins have more Super Bowl rings than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl rings and the Washington Redskins have three.

How many Super Bowls have the Washington Redskins win?

three coached by Joe Gibbs

What football team did mark schlereth play for?

He played his college ball at the University of Idaho and in the NFL ... 1989-1994: Washington Redskins 1995-2000: Denver Broncos Schlereth was a member of three Super Bowl winning teams, the Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI and the Broncos in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

Which Super Bowls did Dave butz play in?

Super Bowls XVII, XVIII, and XXII ... all three for the Washington Redskins.

Who has more super bowl rings Dallas cowboys or Washington Redskins?

Cowboys have won 5 superbowls, the Redskins have won 3.

What NFL football teams have won three Super Bowls?

One of them is the Pariots, one is the Redskins, and one is the Raiders.

Who were the teams that the Washington Redskins played against to win three Super Bowls?

Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins 14, Redskins 7 Super Bowl XVII: Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 Super Bowl XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders 38, Redskins 9 Super Bowl XXII: Redskins 42, Denver Broncos 10 Super Bowl XXVI: Redskins 37, Buffalo Bills 24

When was the last time redskins won a super bowl?

The Washington Redskins have won three super bowl championships. The Redskins last victory was in 1991 during Superbowl XXVI.

Do the Washington Redskins have more Super Bowl trophies than the Green Bay Packers?

No, the Washington Redskins do not have more Superbowl championships than the Green Bay Packers. The Redskins have won three Superbowl trophies and the Green Bay Packers have won four.