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Robert Horry won two with the Rockets, two with the Spurs, and three with the Lakers.

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Q: What teams did Robert horry win rings with?
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Who did robert horry win his rings with?

Spurs, Lakers, and Rockets

What teams did Robert horry win his rings with?

Twice with Houston Rockets, three times with Los Angeles Lakers, twice with San Antonio Spurs. (Totally, seven times)

What team did Robert Orie win basketball championship rings?

Robert Horry has 2 rings with the Houston Rockets, 3 with the Los Angeles Lakers and 2 with the San Antonio Spurs.

Did Robert horry win a champoinship with the bulls?

No. He won one with the spurs.

What is an NBA ring?

NBA rings are awarded to players from teams who win competition each year.

How many nba championships rings did Robert Parrish win?

That's easy 4

What professional football teams has Peyton Manning played for?

Peyton Manning had played only for the Indianapolis Colts.

What are the teams that Michael Jordan beat to win his six championship rings?

Lakers Blazers Suns Sonics Jazz Jazz

What qualifies a player to win a Super Bowl ring?

Technically both teams receive approx 150 rings for appearing in the super bowl. The winner's rings are worth at least twice that of the losers, players, injured lists, coaches etc all get rings at the team's discretion.

How many rings did Kobe win?

Kobe has won 5 rings.

What player won Super Bowls on 3 different teams?

Matt Millen, with the Raiders, 49ers, and Redskins. Charles Haley, I believe, has 5 rings, but with only 2 teams, the 49ers and the Cowboys. Here's LOTSO trivia about Superbowl rings...Haley is the only player with 5...Ken Norton is the only one to win 3 STRAIGHT Rings.

Which four teams did Kobe Bryant win his rings from?

The four teams Kobe Bryant defeated while playing with the Lakers in the NBA Finals, were:Orlando Magic - 2009New Jersey Nets - 2002Philadelphia 76ers - 2001Indiana Pacers - 2000

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