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Q: What teams are in the big east?
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What college basketball conference was the first to have 3 teams in the final four?

The Big East had 3 teams in the Final Four in 1959. California def. West Virginia (Big East) in the championship...Louisville (Big East) and Cincinnati (Big East) lost in the Final Four. (I don't know if those teams were in the Big East back in 1959, but they are currently)

How many college basketball teams are there in the BCS?

ACC has 12 teams, Big 12 12 teams, Big East 16 teams, Big Ten 11 teams, PAC 10 10 teams, and SEC 12 teams. So 73 teams for 2010-11 season.

What teams are joining the big east conference?

Its the south eastern conference not big east it doesn't exist and the answer to your question is Missouri and Texas a & m

What conference has the most teams participating in March Madness?

This year, the Big East had the most entries into the tourament. In fact, as a side note, three of the four number one seeded teams are from the Big East (Louisville, UCONN, PITT), the other, North Carolina, is from the ACC. Other Big East teams this year are: Syracuse, Boston College, Villanova, West Virginia and Marquette. Thus giving the Big East 8 teams. The next two are the Pac-10 and Big XII, both with six from each.

What new teams will be added to the big east football conference?

tcu and central Florida

Are most NBA teams located in the east or the west?

east because east have 16 teams and the west has 15 teams

How many teams are in the big east conference?

Seventeen. Sixteen are full time and one is an associate.

Who plays in the gator bowl?

the gator bowl matches up teams from the big east and acc

Which conference was first to have 3 teams in the final four?

The Big East had 3 teams in the Final Four in 1985: Georgetown, Villanova and St. John's.

What is the most teams one conference has ever had in the sweet 16 of the men's NCAA tournament?

8, twice by the Big East. in '06 and '08 i think EDIT: In 2009 the Big East was the first conference to have five teams advance to the sweet sixteen.

What is the most teams ever sent to the NCAA basketball tournament by one conference?

The record is 11 teams. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2011.

How many national championships have the big east won in basketball?

None. Since the expansion to 16 teams.

Is sec football better than big east basketball?

Probably yes. SEC teams have won the last 6 BC national championship games. Big east teams have't been nearly as dominant in the NCAA tournament. Last 6 winners have included ACC (Duke, UNC), Big 12 (Kansas), and SEC (Florida). I'd agree that Big East is the best in college basketball though.

Are most NFL teams located east or west of the Mississippi river?

Its west because there is 32 teams and21 of them are west and8 on the east

What colleges play lacrosse?

A lot. Mst of the main schools/best teams that play lacrosse are from the ACC and Big East.

What NCAA schools have teams in two divisions?

Notre Dame's basketball team is in the Big East, and its football team is an independent.

Mens college basketball- Why do the Syracuse Orangeman only play Pittsburgh one time and its away?

In the big east there are only 18 conference games and there are 16 big east teams there are some teams they play twice but most not but it will most likely alternate next year ie pitt @ su

How many Big East teams have won the NCAA basketball championship?

Through 2013, seven of the schools in the Big East have won NCAA men's basketball championships: Connecticut (3), Syracuse (1), Villanova (1), Georgetown (1), Marquette (1), Cincinnati (2) and Louisville (3). However, Marquette and Cincinnati won their titles before joining the Big East, and Louisville won two of its titles before joining the Big East.The most accurate way to state the Big East's accomplishment in this regard, however, is as follows: the Big East has won seven NCAA men's basketball championships-- and been represented in the Final Four 16 seasons (often with multiple teams the same year)-- during the conference's original 33-year history. In 1985, there were three Big East teams (St. John's, Villanova and Georgetown) in the Final Four and two (Villanova and Georgetown) in the title game.

Do NFC and AFC teams play each other in the regular season?

Yes, the teams rotate interconference play based on divisions. For instance, the NFC East teams play the AFC South teams in 2010. In 2011, the NFC East will play the AFC East.

When will dallas play Buffalo Bills again?

The two teams won't play again until the 2011 season, when NFC East teams will play AFC East teams.

How are the SEC teams divided?

East andwest

What teams make up the Big East Conference football 2014?

NCAA conferences have been realigning over the past several years. There is no alignment set in stone for the Big East—or any other conference—for the 2014-15 sports year.

Are most NBA teams are located east or west of the Mississippi river?


What teams have aoutomatic bids to the BCS?

If a team is in the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, or SEC and they win their conference championship game they will earn that conferences automatic BCS bowl bid

Who are the big 6 athletic conferences in college sports?

When it comes to college sports there are six major conferences. The six conferences are the big east, ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and the Pac 10. The big east has teams like Connecticut, West Virginia, Syraucse, Cincinnati, Villanova. The Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) has teams like Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest. The Big 12 has teams like Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma State. The Big Ten has teams like Purdue, Iowa, Penn State, Indiana, Illinois. Lastly, the Pac Ten has teams like UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington St. There are the six major conferences, but when it comes to the March Madness in college basketball watch out for the mid major conferences (OVC, MVC,Ivy league, etc)