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Greece, but the USA won the most gold medals.

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Q: What team won the most medals at the first Olympics?
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What was the country with the most medals in the 1992 Olympics?

a team called "Unified Team" won the most medals

Who has the most medals as a team in the winter Olympics?


How many medals did team GB get in the 2004 Olympics?

31 medals.

Who Most Metals Beijing Olympics?

China won the most medals, then USA, then Russia and then team GB

What American woman volleyball player has the record for the most medals in the Olympics?

That is Paula Weishoff who won two medals, a silver with the 1984 team and a bronze with the 1992 team.

What country has won the most track and field gold medals in the Olympics?

Team USA.

How many medals did team GB cycling win at the 2008 Olympics?

team gb cycling wins 4 out of 5 gold medals at the 2008 Olympics

How many medals did the team from Niger win in the 2004 Olympics?

Niger didnt win any medals in the 2004 Olympics

How many medals did team GB win in the 2012 Olympics?

Altogether Team GB got 65 medals.

Which country won the most gold medals in the 1992 summer Olympics?

Germany won the most gold medals and total medals at the 1992 Games with 10 gold and 26 total.

What team won the most boxing medals in 2008 Olympics?

Cuba with 4 silver and 4 bronze

Which team has won the most olympic gold medals in the women's gymnastic competitions?

Team medals for women's gymnastics have been given out since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. To date, the Soviet Union has won the most Olympic gold medals in this category.