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Italy won the world cup in 2006. The World Cup happens every four years.

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Q: What team won the last years world cup?
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What team last won the soccer world cup?

Italy Won the world cup in 2006

In last 15 yearshow many times have Brazil won world cup?

In the last 15-years Brazil has won the World Cup one time. Brazil has won the World Cup five times total, and is the only national team that has played in all FIFA World Cup editions without absence.

Name of the football team which won the last world cup?

Italy (2006 FIFA World Cup).

Who was the last team to forget their kit for the world cup?


What team won the World Cup in 2008?

Italy won the world cup 4 years ago.

What was the last year did East Germany had a team in the world cup?


When did the French football team last win the world cup?


What soccer team won the last world cup 2010?


Who won world cup in the last 13 years?

The last 3 winners of the FIFA World cup are: 1998 - France 2002 - Brazil 2006 - Italy The world cup is only held every 4 years.

Which was the first African team to reach the world cup last eight?


Which team is the favourite to win this years FIFA World Cup?


Who held the World Cup in 2009?

Last year, 2009, there wasn't a FIFA world cup. World cup happens every four years.