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yourr facee!

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Q: What team won the 1994-1995 NBA Championship?
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What team won the nba champen in 2013?

The team that won the NBA Championship in 2013 was the Miami Heat.

What was the first team to win an NBA championship?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA championship.

What team won the Nba championship in 1968- 69?

The Boston Celtics won the Championship in the 1968-69 NBA season.

What team won st NBA championship?


What NBA team won the 1999 championship?


What NBA team won championship in 2000?

The Lakers won the championship in 2000 over the Pacers

Which team in the NBA won the most championship?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA titles.

What team won the NBA championship for the 2010-2011 NBA seson?


Which NBA team won the championship in 1980?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals in 1980.

What team won the 2004 NBA championship?

The Detroit Pistons

Which NBA team won the 2008 Championship?

Boston Celtics

How much money does a team that won a nba championship get?


What team won the 1984 NBA Championship?

Boston Celtics

What NBA team has won the most championship's to this date?


What team won the NBA championship in 1997?

Ddddddaaaaaaaaaaaa bulls!!!!!

What team have the least championship in the NBA?

the thunder birds have won

Which team won the last NBA championship?

Dallas Mavericks

Has the nba team sonics won the championship?

Yes, once.

What NBA team has the most championship's won?

Boston Celtics

Team won the 1974 nba championship?

The Boston Celtics won the 1974 NBA championship. They won the series against the Milwaukee Bucks 4 to 3.

What team has been in the NBA the longest and never won an NBA championship?

LBJ's team the Cleveland Cavaliers

What NBA team won the 1992 NBA championship?

The Chicago Bulls... Michael Jordan

Has any nba team ever won a championship without an all-star on their roster?

No NBA team has ever won without an AllStar

What team in the NBA hasn't won a championship?


Which women NBA team won the championship in 2006?

Detroit Shock