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No team has ever played in the Super Bowl as an AFC team and NFC team, however ...

The AFL-NFL merger took place prior to the 1970 season. At the time, there were 10 teams in the AFL and 16 teams in the NFL. To make an even number of teams in each new conference (AFC and NFC) three teams that played in the NFL and would have become NFC teams became members of the AFC. These teams were the Baltimore Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns.

Four Super Bowls, then known as the AFL-NFL Championship Game, had been played prior to the merger. The Baltimore Colts represented the NFL in Super Bowl III and then in Super Bowl V, the first Super Bowl after the merger, they represented the AFC.

So, the Baltimore Colts played in Super Bowls as an NFL team and an AFC team.

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Q: What team went to the super bolw as a AFC team and a NFC team?
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