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After the American and National Leagues expanded in the early 1960s, that would be the Arizona Diamondbacks who won the World Series in their 4th season. Second is the Florida Marlins who won the World Series in their 5th season.

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Q: What team was the youngest franchise to win a Super Bowl?
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What is the youngest team to play in the Super Bowl?

New England

Who is the youngest person to be on the winning team of the NFL Super Bowl?

Ben Rothesburger

Who was the youngest quarterback to lead a team to a super bowl championship?

Ben Rosthlisberger

Have the NFL team the New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl?

Yes. They won Super Bowl XLIV(44) on February 7, 2010. It was the franchise's first ever Super Bowl appearance and win.

Did winning teams in the super bowl ever get a trophy?

The winning team of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The franchise that wins the trophy typically maintains ownership of it, while the players receive super bowl championship rings to commemorate the occasion.

Which NFL team has the best won loss record without a Super Bowl win?

The 2007 Patriots went undefeated for the entire season until they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants. Unless you meant to ask what team has the best win-loss record in the history of the franchise, but has never won a Super Bowl, that would be your answer.

How does a team get a Super Bowl ring?

By winning the Super Bowl.

Has Drew Brees ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yes. In 2010, Drew Brees appeared in his first Super Bowl as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints which was also the first Super Bowl appearance for the franchise.

If a team dies on its way to the Super Bowl who wins the Super Bowl?

The team that makes it to the game.

Which baseball team was youngest franchise to win a World Series?

Florida Marlins

Who is the best team in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers. They have won 6 super bowl championships in the super bowl.

Who was home team for super bowl 51?

The Atlanta Falcons were the home team for Super Bowl XLI.