What team was prince fielders on in 2009?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Millwaukee Brewers. Of course.

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Q: What team was prince fielders on in 2009?
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What is prince fielders batting average?

Prince Fielder's 2009 batting average was .299 His career average is .284

What is Prince Fielders at bat song May 2009?

Prote-J - Heir to the Throne (Prince Fielder)

What is prince fielders real name?

Prince Semien Fielder

What is Prince Fielders height?

Prince Fielder is 5'10 and he is 268 pounds according to the Milwaukee Brewers website.

How many fielders on a baseball team?


How much is prince fielders contract worth?

Fielder signed a 2 year, $18 million contract in January, 2009. He will be eligible for arbitration in the 2011 season and for free agency in 2012.

How many fielders are on a Major League Baseball team?

There are nine fielders on the field at one time including pitcher and catcher.

Who are the 2009 Mariner left fielders?

Milton Bradley and Ryan Langerhans are the LF for Seattle.

How many outfielders dose a team have?

a baseball team has 3 out fielders thery are : right field left field and center field

What are Ryan Braun and Prince Fielders walk up songs 2010 as of June?

Ryan Braun's walk up song is Power (feat. Dwele) by Kanye West but I don't know Prince's yet

What are the release dates for Mr- Prince - 2009 TV?

Mr- Prince - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 2009

How many players play in field of cricket at a time?

11 players from one team on the playing field at any one time. 1 Bowler, 1 wicketkeeper and the others are 'fielders' however you can include the wicketkeeper as a fielding position therefore there are 10 fielders and 1 bowler at a time