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Q: What team was at the top of last seasons English premier league?
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Who was last seasons highest goal scorer in the premier league?

didier drogba of Chelsea

What is the probability that a goal will be scored in the first half of a game of English football?

Over the last 3 Premier League seasons it was just under 71%.

How many weeks left in the English Premier League?

The last weekend this Premier League season is May 23/24th.

How many goals have been scored from crosses in the last five premier league seasons?


How many penalties have arsenal been awarded in the last 2 premier league seasons?


When was the last time arsenal won the English premier league?


What team came last in English premier league last season?

Three teams were relegated from the Premier League at the end of 2015 - 2016.Aston Villa, Norwich and bottom of the league (last) was Newcastle.

When does Premier League seasons start and end?

The opening game of the 2009/10 Premier League was on 15-Aug-2009. The last game of the season will be on 9-May-2010.

Who was the leading goal scorer in the English premier league last year?


Who the last scottish manager to be sacked from the english premier league?

Gordon Strachen

Who scored the last goal in the English premier league 2011-2012 season?

The last goal in the English Premier league for the 2011-12 season was by Manchester City Striker Sergio Aguero againt Queens Park Rangers. It was scored in extra time to win the Premier League title for Man City.

Wrait about what happened to you last weekend?

Last weekend I watched the opening of the winter games and the English Premier League.

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