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Steve Nash was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks. =)

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Q: What team was Steve Nash drafted by?
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Did Charles barkley play at the same time as Steve Nash?

Charles Barkley played 4 years after Steve Nash was drafted before he retired. They never played on the same team, though.

Which NBA team drafted a Canadian point guard from Santa Clara University in 1996?

The Phoenix Suns drafted Steve Nash in the 1996 draft...first round, 15th pick.

Which NBA team drafted a Canadian point guard in 1996 from Santa Clara University?

Phoenix Suns, 15th pick.. Steve Nash.

What year were Allen Iverson Marcus camby and Steve Nash drafted into the nba?


Which NFL team has drafted Steve slaton?

Steve Slaton was drafted in the 3rd round by the Houston Texans.

What year was Steve Nash Drafted into the NBA?

His first year in the NBA was the 96-97 season.

What team drafted Steve Largent?

Steve Largent was drafted in 1976 by the Houston Oilers. he was traded in the preseason to the Seattle Seahawks

What team does Steve Nash play for?

He play for the suns

Does warriors have Steve Nash on there team this year?


How do you get drafted into the nba from Canada?

You can get drafted into the NBA from Canada similarly to the way that players from the USA get drafted. Several players from Canada have played in the NBA such as Steve Nash, perhaps the most famous.

How long has Steve Nash been in the nba?

Since 1996,when he was drafted in the 1st round 15th pick by Phoenix

Are Steve Nash and rick Nash related?

no Steve Nash is not related to rick Nash.

Only nba mvp not to play on a championship team?

Steve Nash

What is Steve Nash's nickname?

Steve Nash nickname is " NO LOOK NASH "

Is rick Nash related to Steve Nash?

Yes Steve Nash is related to Rick Nash

Is Steve Nash a Christian?

Steve Nash is an Anglican. Steve Nash is a basketball player

What NBA team signed Steve Nash in 2003?

PCH=Phoenix Suns

What team did Steve Nash begin his nba career with?

Phoenix Suns in 1996.

What religion is Steve Nash?

Steve Nash is not religious.

Is Steve Nash a starter?

no Steve Nash is not a starter

Who is better Steve Nash or Dwight Howard?

Steve Nash

Are Rick and Steve Nash related?

Rick and Steve Nash are not related to one another. Rick Nash is an American hockey player. Steve Nash is an American basketball player.

How are rick and Steve Nash related?

Steve Nash of the NBA and Rick Nash of the NHL are not related whatsoever.

Does Steve Nash have a girlfriend?

Steve Nash is right now married

How tall Steve Nash?

Steve Nash height is 6-3