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a team in the nba.

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Q: What team was Scottie Pippen first drafted to?
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What team is scottie pippen in now?

He is retired

Scottie Pippen was traded to the Bulls from which team?

From the Seattle Supersonics in the draft of 1987

In the 1994-95 NBA season Scottie Pippen suited up for this team?

Chicago Bulls

What is scottie pippen doing now?

Hes hoping to coach a nba team or a college team. He's almost broke right now. He wants to make money so he doesn't lose his house.

What year did Scottie Pippen play on the trail blazers?

Scottie Pippen played on the Portland Trail Blazers for four year; between the 1999-00 season and the 2002-03 season.Pippen played in Chicago and Houston as well:Chicago Bulls - 1987-1998Houston Rockets - 1998-1999Portland Trail Blazers - 1999-2003Chicago Bulls - 2003-04

What NHL team does Scottie Upshall play for?

Scottie Upshall plays for the Florida Panthers.

What was the first team that drafted Jackie Robinson?

the dogers in 1947

Who was on the 1992 Chicago Bulls team?

The 1992 U.S. men's Olympic basketball "Dream Team" featured college player Christian Laettner and NBA stars.

Who are 5 people that were on Dream Team 1 that won the gold medal?

The members of the Dream Team: Christian Laettner David Robinson Patrick Ewing Larry Bird Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan Clyde Drexler Karl Malone John Stockton Chris Mullin Charles Barkley Magic Johnson

What was the first MLB soccer team David Beckham was drafted to?

LA Galaxy

When was Micheal oher drafted?

Michael Oher was drafted 23rd overall in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens and in his first season with the team was starting.

Who drafted Nick swisher originally?

The Oakland Athletics were the team that drafted Nick Swisher, they drafted him with their first round pick in the 2002 June draft but it was the 16th overall pick.