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ECCATS i believee!

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Q: What team was Kendall Bridges before Cheer Extreme?
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When was Cheer Boys Cheer created?

Cheer Extreme Allstars was created in 1993.

Why did gabie from cheer extreme quit?

financial issuees... :(

How old have Erika from cheer extrême?

as of 2010 she is in 9th grade. and by the way it is erica englebert from cheer extreme.

What team is Erica englebert on?

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

What location of Cheer Extreme has the best teams?

North Carolina

What level is Cheer Extreme Youth Elite 2013?

Level 5.

Are there any cheer teams for teams in ballard seattle?

Gyms near you include: Seattle Gymnastics Academy Action Athletics Connect Allstar Cheer Island Cheer Extreme

Should you join greensboro all-stars or cheer extreme you like them both?

If you are a level 4-5 cheerleader i would join Cheer Extreme. If your a level 1-3 cheerleader i would join Greensboro

How old is erica from cheer extreme?

Erica turned 14 April 12. :)2010

Who are the best cheerleaders in the world?

Kelsey Rule from World Cup Shooting Stars. Whitney Love from Kentucky Elite. (Kentucky Allstars) Erica Englebert from Cheer Extreme Allstars. Maddie Gardner from Cheer Extreme Allstars. Bucky O'Leary from Top Gun Allstars.

Why is erica from cheer extreme so special?

i think it is because she is so good and people really find her adorable

Who is erica englebert?

Erica Englebert is a talents cheerleader from Cheer Extreme who has gained much fame over Youtube