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My best guess is soccer because it is one of the oldes games i know of. :D

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Q: What team sport still popular today was played by the Greeks 2.500 years ago?
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What team sport still popular todaywas played by the Greeks 2500 years ago?


What sport competition did the Greeks invent that still occurs every four years?

The Olympics

Is baseball popular sport now?

Baseball has been a popular sport long before the civil war, and it is still very popular today.

What sports were popular in the Victorian Era?

Cricket, a sport played between two teams of eleven, was a popular sport in the Victorian Era. There are others, such as Blind Man's bluff, and the ever populat, jacks. Some of the sports popular in the Victorian era are still popular today.

Why did Romans wrestle?

The Romans took up wrestling as a sport from the Greeks . This sport still exists and is called Greco-Roman wrestling.

What sports did the Ancient Greeks play that are still played today?

They still have foot races.

What is Ethiopia's most popular sport?

Ethiopia's most popular sport is soccer. I know, because my father was born there. I recently went there for a vacation. My father used to play soccer there, and it is still the most popular sport there.

What is the most not popular sport?

The least played sport around the US is probably lacrosse (still played alot though) But its just that rugby is played alot too possibly so I might be wrong. Please question me again if you want to know what Lacrosse is.

What will be the most popular sport in the future?

i think it'll still soccer

What is the oldest sport still played?

hunting and fishing ...

Is racquetball an English sport?

Yes, racquetball is an English sport, though it is more played in the United States. In England it is spelled "racketball" and is becoming one of the most popular indoor racket sports in the country. Squash is still more popular, but racquetball is a growing sport and is popular with people of all ages as it is not as demanding on the body-joints as squash is.

What is the percentage of people play soccer in Australia?

Two-thirds of all the people in Australia have played or still play soccer. It is the most popular sport in Australia.

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