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Collingwood has scored the most with 1849 goals as at the end of the 2010 season.

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Q: What team scored most goals in AFL - Australian Football League - finals games?
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How many goals scored by Italy in 2010 football world cup?

They scored 4 goals in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

What is the number of points scored in a behind in Australian Football?

In Australian Rules Football, there are 6 points in a goal. One behind is one point.

Who scored the first goal for Bayern Munich in 1999 champions league finals?

Mario Basler

Who scored in every division of the football league?

leo messi

Who has scored the most goals in league football?

alan shearer

Which player has scored a hatrick in every division both domestic cup finals and at international level in football?

Robert Earnshaw has scored in every division in England, in both cups (but not finals) and at international level.

What is the most amount of goals scored in the English football league?


Who scored the most goals in English league football?

Arthur Rowley scored 434 goals in 619 gqame

Who has scored the most goals in one premier league football?

it was dickie dean

Which player scored the last goal in 1998 football world cup finals?

Midfielder Emmanuel Petit scored the last goal of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

How many points are scored for a goal in Australian rule football?

6 for a goal, 1 for a behind

Who has scored the most goals for Newcastle against sunderland in league football?

Shola Ameobi

Which English league football team scored most goals 1960-70?


What was Jack Watts best known for?

Jack Watts is best known as a player in the Australian Football League for the Melbourne Football Cup. He has played 55 games and scored 38 goals since he started playing for the Sandringham Dragons in 2009.

Who has scored the most ever football league goals?

The most goals scored in a footballers career is over 1000 goals by Pele.

Which 3 players have won a premier league medal been relegated from the premier league and scored in the world cup finals?

Joe Cole Kanu Damien Duff

Who has scored in two FA cup finals?

Ian Rush scored twice in both 1986 and 1989 F.A. Cup Finals

Who was the Brazilian football player who scored one of the best ever world cup goals in the 1970 world cup finals?

Carlos Alberto

Which football player scored there 100th premier league goal in 2000?

The goal was actually goal number 1000 , and it was scored by Les Ferdinand.

Who scored the first ever goal in English league football?

Brian Dean for Sheffield United

Who scored the highest number of goals in league match in history of football?

antoni c from tempest

Who has scored the most points in Australian rugby league?

I believe it would be Johnthan Thurston or Hazem El Masri

Who has scored in 3 fa cup finals?


Which player has scored the most goals in English league football?

The player with the most career goals in English league football is Arthur Rowley. He played 619 matches from 1946 to 1965.

How many goals scored in the world cup finals 2010?

A total of 145 goals were scored in the 64 games played at the 2010 world cup finals.