What team plays for Oregon?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The Oregon Ducks!

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Q: What team plays for Oregon?
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What NBA team plays in Oregon?


What football team plays at Autzen Stadium?

Oregon ducks

What is Oregon's baseball team?

Oregon dose not have a baseball team.

When was Team Oregon created?

Team Oregon was created in 1984.

Is there a MLB team in Oregon?


What NBA team does Mike James play for?

LaMichael James plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

What is one college sport team in Oregon?

Oregon State Beavers

What is the name of the Oregon State University basketball team?

Oregon State Beavers

How many Super Bowls has Oregon played in?

Oregon has never played in the super bowl as Oregon has no NFL team.

What team is better Auburn or Oregon?

Apparently the Auburn University football team is better than the University of Oregon football team, because they beat them back in 2011.

What collage team is known as the ducks?


What is the state football team for Oregon?