What team plays at Vicarage road?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What team plays at Vicarage road?
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What is watford stadium called?

Vicarage Road

What football team plays at portman road?

Ipswich town football club.

When was Polesworth Vicarage created?

Polesworth Vicarage was created in 1870.

When was Cockerham Vicarage created?

Cockerham Vicarage was created in 1843.

When was Halton Vicarage created?

Halton Vicarage was created in 1739.

What is the name of the house that a vicar live?

A vicarage or rectory

Which UK football team plays at a ground called Elland Road?

Leeds United play at Elland Road Stadium.

When was The Murder at the Vicarage created?

The Murder at the Vicarage was created in 1930-10.

What premier league team plays at Bloomfield stadium?

Blackpool play at Bloomfield Road.

Does Nick Jonas like bsebll?

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Which football team plays at whaddon road?

Cheltenham Town FC and Gloucester City AFC

Which football team plays there home games at loftus road?

Queen's Park Rangers (QPR)