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The Dallas Cowboys with 8.

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Q: What team played in the most Super Bowl?
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What team has the most losses but played in the Super Bowl?

the patriots

What is the name of the team that played the most Super Bowl games?

The Steelers and the Cowboys.

National football conference team that has not played in the Super Bowl?

The sole NFC team that has not played in a Super Bowl is the Detroit Lions.

What basketball team won the Super Bowl in 1996?

A basketball team never won the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is played in the sport Football

What NFL team won a Super Bowl at home?

No team has ever played a home field super bowl.

Which team has played in the Super Bowl the most?

the Dallas cowboys and the Pittsburgh steelers have both played in 8 super bowls

Which team has played in the most NFL championship games?

Super Bowl XLII will be the 18th NFL Championship game the New York Giants have played in which is the most of any NFL franchise. Super Bowl XLII will be their fourth Super Bowl and they played in 14 NFL championship games prior to the Super Bowl era.

When is the Super Bowl in Orlando?

The Super Bowl will most likely never be played in Orlando unless Orlando is awarded a National Football League team.

Who was on the most Most Super Bowl teams quarterback?

The quarterback that was on the most Super Bowl teams was backup Gale Gilbert. He was on the roster of the four Buffalo Bills teams that went to the Super Bowl (Super Bowls XXV through XXVIII) and the San Diego Chargers team that played in Super Bowl XXIX, a total of five Super Bowls. Incredibly, his team lost the Super Bowl each time.

What nfl team has most super bowl wins?

The steelers have the most super wins they have six super bowl wins.

Has every nfl team played in Super Bowl?


Who was the first team the Redskins played in the Super Bowl?

The first Super Bowl the Redskins played in was Super Bowl VII. They lost to the Miami Dolphins, 14-7.

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