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Q: What team nhl team was the last to wear wool sweaters?
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How many Irish people wear wool sweaters?

If that particular Irish person happens to live in Illinois, yes we wear wool sweaters!

Why do you wear sweaters made of wool and not of cotton or silk?

Wool is much warmer than cotton and silk and jumpers were made to keep us warm. That is why, OK?

What is the percentage of wool in sweaters?


Where to buy good sweaters?

I like L.L. Bean lambs wool sweaters

Which department stores sell men's wool sweaters?

Most department stores that sell clothes will sell men's wool sweaters. A number of places include: Seers, Woolrich, Overstock and Exofficio. They sell a wide range of wool sweaters.

Why do people prefer to wear acrylic sweaters than pure wool sweaters?

People may prefer acrylic sweaters over pure wool sweaters because acrylic is usually less expensive, easier to care for, and can be more lightweight and soft compared to wool. Additionally, some people may have allergies to wool or find wool to be itchy on their skin.

How can wool be used in clothing and in the home?

Clothing wise wool sweaters or wool scarfs Home wool rugs or wool blankets for decoration or to be used its up to you

What do you call a bunch of sheep stuck in a sauna?

Wool Sweaters

Where can I find men's sweaters and vests made from yak wool? is a great source for yak wool men's vests. The site features various designs and styles of sweaters and vests.

Are wool sweaters made of natural polymers?

Yes, it is very possible to use synthetic wool.

Why camel wool is not used for making sweaters?

It is not true. Camel hair, mixed with wool, is often used to make sweaters and other clothing: coats, jackets, skirts, hosiery, etc.

What might you find eating wool sweaters?

You will find Moth Larvae.. :)