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As far as MLB teams go, there were none. The only teams that began in 1883 were the Philadelphia Phillies (also known as the Philadelphia Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Quakers) and the San Francisco Giants (also known as the New York Giants and the New York Gothams).

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Q: What team name has never changed since it began in 1883?
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What year were the Phillies created?

The Phillies first season in MLB was 1883. They were known as the Quakers. The name was changed to Phillies in 1890.

Why was the name Philadelphia Blue Jays changed to Philadelphia Phillies?

It was never officially changed from the Phillies, which has been there official name since 1883. Some baseball writers in the 1940s began to call them the "Blue Jays" because of their blue caps, but that nickname was not recognized by the team, the National League, or Major League Baseball. The name of the team that lost on 1883 April 30 has remained the same till their loss on 2011 October 7.

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