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Q: What team made the fewest pass attempts in a super bowl?
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Who has the most pass attempts in a Super Bowl? records indicate that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the poss pass attempts (career) in Super Bowl play. He has made 156 pass attempts in 4 Super Bowls. The record book indicates that Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly holds the single game record, with 58 pass attempts in Super Bowl XXVI.

What are Super Bowl catches?

Super Bowl catches are receptions made during a Super Bowl.

What teams have made the fewest Super Bowl appearances?

Seven National Football League teams have appeared only once in the Super Bowl (winning clubs in bold):The 1968 New York Jets (Super Bowl III).The 1994 San Diego Chargers (Super Bowl XXIX).The 1998 Atlanta Falcons (Super Bowl XXXIII).The 1999 Tennessee Titans (Super Bowl XXXIV).The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Super Bowl XXXVII).The 2008 Arizona Cardinals (Super Bowl XLIII).The 2009 New Orleans Saints (Super Bowl XLIV).

What is the Super Bowl trophy made of?

The Super Bowl trophy is made of sterling silver.

When was the last time Cleveland Browns made it to the Super Bowl?

they have never made the Super Bowl.

When was the last time the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXIX.

What Super Bowl chamption made the Super Bowl shuffle famous?


What is the Super Bowl ring made out of?

The Super Bowl ring is made out of silver and other precious metals.

Has a team ever made it to a super bowl when their city was hosting it?

As of Super Bowl XLVII, no.

When was Last time the colts made it to the super bowl?

2007 Super Bowl XLI

When was the last time the raiders made it to a super bowl?

The Raiders made it to the super bowl in the 2002-2003(Super Bowl XXXVII) season and lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When was the Super Bowl made?


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