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In Super Bowl XXV on January 25, 1991, the New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19.

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The Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

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Q: What team lost a super bowl by the smallest margin in the games history?
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What is the average margin of victory for all Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the average margin of victory is 15 points. Margin of victory 1-7 points: 13 games Margin of victory 8-14 points: 9 games Margin of victory 15-21 points: 10 games Margin of victory 22-28 points: 4 games Margin of victory over 28 points: 6 games Smallest margin of victory: 1 point in Super Bowl XXV - New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19 Largest margin of victory - 45 points in Super Bowl XXIV - San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10

How many games have the Pittsburgh Steelers played in their history?

Through Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers have played 1,060regular season games and 53 playoff games.

Which team has played in the most NFL championship games?

Super Bowl XLII will be the 18th NFL Championship game the New York Giants have played in which is the most of any NFL franchise. Super Bowl XLII will be their fourth Super Bowl and they played in 14 NFL championship games prior to the Super Bowl era.

Which Super Bowl had the second largest margin of victory?

In Super Bowl XX(20), The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots by 36 points.

What is the largest average margin of victory in a NFL season?

Through 2012, the largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl is 45 points. In Super Bowl XXIV , the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos 55-10. Previously, Super Bowl I had held the record 35-10, until eclipsed by Super Bowl XVIII, 38-9, and then by Super Bowl XX, 46-10.

Which championship game had the largest margin of victory of 45 points 49ers over Broncos?

Super Bowl XXIV

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What nfl team won a Super Bowl by the most points?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that was the San Francisco 49ers who defeated the Denver Broncos, 55-10 (45 point margin), in Super Bowl XXIV.

How many first round draft pick quarterbacks have played in the super bowl?

In the 45 years of Super Bowl history, 16?æof the 29 winning?æquarterbacks of the Super Bowl games have been first draft. Eight of these were first overall picks.?æ

What team had the biggest margin of victory in a Super Bowl game during the decade of the 80's?

High powered offenses were the signature of the best teams of the 1980's, this lead to huge point spreads not only in regualr season games but also the Super Bowls. The biggest Super Bowl spread in the 80's was teh blowout win by the 49ers over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV with a score of 55-10.

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