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The New Orleans Saints lead passing touchdowns in a season! Go WhoDats :) If this helped, please take one second and press recommend user!

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Q: What team leads the nfl in most passing td in a season?
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What is Iowa State's team record for most passing touchdowns in a single season?


Who has the redskins single season passing record?

As of the 2008 season, Jay Schroeder hold the team record for passing yards in a season with 4,109 in 1986. Sonny Jurgensen holds the team record for TD passes in a season with 31 in 1967.

What team leads the nhl in third period goals this season?

Washington capitals

Who holds most yards for Tennessee Titans?

Eddie George presently leads with 10,009 rushing yards. Earnest Givens holds the team lead with 7,935 receiving yards. Warren Moon leads with 33,685 passing yards.

What Dallas Cowboy holds the team record for passing yards in a season?

roger stabach

What is the most passing football team?

Fc Barcelona

Which team in serie a had the most number of wins in a season?

Internazionale is the team in Serie A that has the most number of wins in a season.

What's the Most losses in a season by a dodger team?

Through the 2009 season, that is 104 by the 1905 team that was known as the Brooklyn Superbas. The most losses in a season the team has had since playing in Los Angeles is 99 by the 1992 team.

Which Green Bay Packers quarterback holds the team record for most passing yards in a season?

Lynn Dickey of the 1983 Green Bay Packers with 4,458 yards.

Most Mets team wins in a season?

108 in the 1986 season

Most team wins by a dodger team for a season?

Through the 2008 season, the franchise record for wins in a season in 105 by the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. Since coming to LA in 1958, the most wins the team has had in a season is 102 in 1962 and 1974.

Which NFL team had the most penalties in this season?