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Boston Celtics are the current NBA Champions as of the 2008 season.

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Q: What team is the current world champions of the NBA?
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Who was the championship of NBA?

The current champions of the NBA are the Los Angeles Lakers.

What NBA Team playing as defending champions was swept out of playoffs in the first round?

The NBA team that was first to be swept out was the San Antonio spurs and yet they were the 2007 NBA Champions.

How many games does a team need to win in the NBA playoffs?

An NBA team needs to win 16 playoff games to be NBA champions.

Has any team in the nba gone from the worse season record to nba champions the next season?

No but the Celtics from 2006-2007 was the second worst of the nba and then the celtics from 2007-2008 were champions

What team won NBA finals in 2008?

That would be the Boston Celtics, who were the 2007-2008 NBA champions.

Does Kentucky have a current NBA team?


Which NBA team has won the most consecutive NBA titles since 1995?

The Chicago Bulls were World Champions in 96,97 and 98. The Los Angeles Lakers were World Champions in 00, 01 and 02. So the answer to your question is the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

What is the basketball team of Minneapolis?

NBA team- Minneapolis Lakers(1947-1960) there is no current NBA team in Minneapolis.

How many NBA world champions did the Heat win?


Who was the first NBA champions?

The Philadelphia Warriors were the first NBA Champions.

Number one NBA team this year?

Los Angeles Lakers Western, and Champions.

Who are the current NBA Champs?

As of the 2012-2013 Seaon the Miami Heat are the World Champions after beating the San Antonio Spurs in a 7 Gmae Series.

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