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Although there may be others. The main Detroit farm team is The Grand Rapids Griffins.

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Griffins in Grand Rapids MI

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Q: What team is the Detroit red wings farm team?
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What was the name of Detroit red wings farm team in glens falls?

the farmville burgalars

What is the best national hockey team?

Detroit Red Wings!!

Where do the Detroit red wings hockey team from what state?

Detroit is in Michigan, therefore the Red Wings are from Michigan.

In which sport are the Detroit Red Wings known for?

The Detroit Red Wings are a professional ice hockey team. They are members of the NHL.

What NHL team plays in Detroit?

The Red Wings

In 1931 The Detroit Red Wings hockey team was called what?

Detroit Falcons

What national hockey league team plays in Detroit?

Detroit Red Wings

Does Anderson Jewelry Detroit Red Wings Women's All-Star Watch have the offical team logo?

The Anderson Detroit Red Wings watch does indeed have the official team logo, and is officially licensed from the Red Wings.

What is the name of the B team for the red wings?

The farm team for the wings is the Grand Rapids Griffins

What NHL team does Johan Franzen play for?

Henrik Zetterberg plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

Most poular NHL team?

Detroit Red wings

Who is the most expensive team in the NHL?

Detroit Red Wings