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Q: What team is better in soccer Mexico or Peru?
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Is Argentina's soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Yes, Argentina are better than Mexico. Argentina put Mexico out in the last World Cup.

Who is better in soccer Mexico or Uruguay?

Uruguay is deff. a better team

What is Mexico's soccer team called?

fifa Mexico soccer team.

Who has a better soccer team Mexico or US?

united states suck everyone know Mexico is way better

Who is better el salvador or Mexico at soccer?

Mexico, it has more victories over El Salvador but El Salvador is a good team but the better team (Mexico) wins

Is Mexico the best soccer team in the world?

Mexico is the best soccer team in the world

Who has better soccer players Honduras or Mexico?

Honduras is a good team and so is Mexico but Honduras has beat Mexico more times

Where is the soccer team chivas US from?

Chivas soccer team is from Mexico

What is the worst soccer team in Mexico?

Las Agilas Del America is the worst soccer team in Mexico

Is Honduras' soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Mexico is better. Out of like 16 games Mexico played honduras, honduras has only won two times. PS I'm not Mexican, I'm Japanese. I just hate honduras and hondurans.

Who has the best soccer team?

Mexico has the best soccer team and it is Cruz Azul.

What is Mexico's soccer team?

The national team of Mexico is Seleccion de futbol de Mexico.

Is the soccer team Mexico the rival of the soccer team Puerto Rico?

no because Puerto Rico doesn't have an international team and Mexico is rivals with the US

Who is the better well stronger team in Fifa 2010 soccer Mexico or Serbia?

Serbia they have the power in defence

Where is the soccar team atlas from?

The soccer team originates from Mexico.

Does Mexico have a women's soccer team?


The best soccer team in Mexico?

The best soccer team in Mexico is Chivas DE Guadalajara with more championships won than any other team in Mexico. It also has 100% Mexican players.

Is the Mexican soccer team better than the us soccer team?


Which is the best soccer team from Mexico?

Pumas u.n.a.m

Who is the worlds greatest soccer team?

Mexico or Spain

When is Mexico soccer team going to play?


Who is is better at soccer Mexico or Spain?

Spain. They are world and european champions, arguably the best team ever to have played in the world.

What national sport teams do Mexico have?

Mexico has a national soccer team and a national cricket team. They are called the Mexico national football team and the Mexican cricket team.

Is Mexico better than redbulls at soccer?

Of course they are Redbulls aren't very good themselves thus I ain't saying that Mexico is one of the best teams out there I think there like 9th place Nationally as to who the best team is. So, yes Mexico IS better than Redbulls at soccer.

Is Mexico a better team then south Africa?

Yes Mexico is a better team any day.