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read the book and you will find out!!

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Q: What team is Ty Ross on in Summer Ball by Mike Lupica?
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Who are the minor characters in the book summer ball by mike lupica?

The characters are Danny Walker, Rasheed, Tarik,Ty Ross,and Will. Danny Walker is the main character. hi

Who are the main characters for the book travel team by mike lupica?

Danny Walker, Richie Walker, Ali Walker, Ty Ross, Will Stoddard, and Tess Hewitt

Who is mike ross and what does he do?

"It would depend on which Mike Ross you are referencing. There is a Mike Ross that is a politician in Arkansas, as well as a Mike Ross that was an actor, who passed away in 1993. There was a Mike Ross on the 2011 season of the Real World, held in Vegas."

What had Jeff ross done after tryouts in mike lupicas travel team?

After tryouts in Mike Lupica's "Travel Team," Jeff Ross was selected to be part of the basketball team despite facing challenges and doubts from his father and the coach. Jeff demonstrated determination, hard work, and persistence to overcome these obstacles and earn his place on the team.

When was Summer Ross born?

Summer Ross was born on 1992-12-20.

What are the characters in travel team?

The main characters in Travel Team, by Mike Lupica, are Danny Walker, Ty Ross, Will Stoddard, Tess Hewitt, Ali Walker (mom), Richie Walker (dad), and Teddy Moran. Hope you like the book (if you haven't already read it).

When was Mike Ross - rugby union - born?

Mike Ross - rugby union - was born on 1979-12-21.

Who was ty ross in travel team?

In the book "Travel Team" by Mike Lupica, Ty Ross is one of the main characters and a key member of the travel basketball team. Ty is known for his incredible basketball skills, particularly his shooting ability, and plays a central role in helping the team succeed despite facing challenges along the way.

What state does Mike Ross represent in congress?

Mike Ross is currently a congressman in the mid west state of Arkansas. He is the congressman for the 4th district of Arkansas. This includes 29 counties throughout the eastern part of the state.

Who plays mike ross on suits?

Patrick Adams

What political party does Mike Ross belong to?

Mike Ross is a member of the Democratic Party and will not seek re-election for Arkansas's 4th congressional district. Instead he will be running for Governor of Arkansas in 2014.

Will Rachel Zane cheat on Mike Ross in Suits Season 4?