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He is currently with the Mercedes F1 team.

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Q: What team is Michael schumacher racing for?
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When did Michael Schumacher start to race?

Michael Schumacher began racing Go-Karts at around the age of four.

Which team has won the 2000 Formula 1 racing car Championship?

Michael Schumacher with: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.

Who sponsors michael schumacher?

nowon he quit racing

Who is a famous German racing driver?

Michael Schumacher

When did Michael Schumacher retire from racing?

End of 2006

Is Michael Schumacher racing formula one in 2013?

No he isn't racing this season.

Michael Schumacher is a name associated with which stort?

Michael is a Formula 1 racing driver

Where did Michael Schumacher studied?

Michael Schumacher is a known German racing driver. He was born on January 3, 1969. He attended a school in Manheim.

Who is the famous German formula 1 racing driver?

Michael schumacher

What is Auto racing Schumacher's first name?

Michael and Ralph race in the Formula 1 racing series.

What college did Michael Schumacher attend?

Michael Schumacher did not attend college. He started racing at an early age. He received his first license to race at the age of 12.

Winner of the 2003 formula one car racing championship?

Schumacher, Michael.