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Las Chivas

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Q: What team is Club America's main rival?
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Who is the main rival of the Toronto Blue Jays?

Probably another AL team, (NY, or Boston)

What is the main purpose of a football club?

The main purpose of a soccer (or football) club is to organize, develop, and promote its team (or teams).

What is David Beckham rival team?

David beckham rival team is chealse

Are the saints Americas team?

The cowboys are nicknamed Americas team

Who is the lakers rival team?


Which team is Uruguays rival?


What team does your rival have on the second rival battle on Pokemon diamond?

It matters what starter you choose

Who is the main rival of Cincinnati Bengals?

pittsburgh steelers and the cleveland browns and the baltimore ravins any other team that try to beat us who da

Who was Americas favorite baseball team in the 1920s?

the New York Yankees were the Americas faveorite team

What are the Tampa Tay Rays' rival team?

The Tampa Bay Rays have more than one rival team. They are in the Eastern Division. The most accurate rival teams are the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

What NFL team is called Americas team?

The Dallas Cowboys

What team is the phillies interleague rival?

Red Sox