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Q: What team has the number 1 offense in the nfl?
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What team has the number 1 offense in the NFL in 2011?

Saints and Patriots

Number of eagles picks in 2010?

1 there is 1 for every nfl team

What nfl team has the number 1 defense for 2010?

According to the nfl the san Diego chargers have the best defense.

What is the quickest that an NFL team has clinched the number 1 conference seed?

houston texans

What are NFL practice squad?

A practice squad is made for teams to take developing player's with a skill set but dont have the football knowledge of a rookie or younger player in the nfl. the practice squad usually is the warm up team for the number 1 offense to kind of spar against. The player or not included on their 53 roster team but can be activated at any time.

How many unbeaten team in nfl?


What NFL team has the number two defense?

Baltimore ravens losers of the AFC championshitp to the #1 defense Pittsburgh

How many kickers are on an NFL team?

about 1-2 kickers are on team

What NFL team has the Number 1 defense?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the Numbe 1 Defense in the NFL so far this year (2008). They are ranked number 1 against the Rush, Number 1 against the Pass, #1 in Total Defense and #1 in Scoring Defense. A feat that has not been done since the merger.

How do NFL teams rank in number times the QB has been sacked?

The team with the fewest sacks in #1 the team w/ the most is the worst (#32)

What are the chances of getting on a NFL team?

1 in 50,000

What final scores between 1 and 30 are NOT possible for a team to make in an NFL Football Game?

1 is the only score not possible for a team to make in an NFL game.

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