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The Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 season playoffs, the New England Patriots in 1985 season playoffs, and the New York Giants in the 2007 season playoffs.

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Q: What team has the most NFL playoff road wins in a single season?
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Which NFL team has won the most road playoff games in history not just a single season?

san francisco 49ers It is a tie between The Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys at 9 a piece. The San Francisco 49ers only have 4 Road Playoff victories. The Most recent coming during the 2012-2013 NFC Championship game between The San Francisco 49ers and The Atlanta Falcons. The I believe the original commentor is confusing "road playoff wins" with "consecutive road wins". Which San Francisco holds at 18 from 1988-1990.

How many records does Eli Manning hold in the nfl?

Most 4th quarter touchdown passes in a season (15 in 2011)Tied NFL Record longest pass completion and touchdown (99 yards in 2011)Most road playoff wins by a quarterback (5)Tied NFL Record most game-winning drives in a season (8 in 2011)Most road wins in a single regular season and postseason by a starting quarterback (10)Most passing yards in a single postseason (1,219 yards in 2011)

What QB has the most NFL playoff road wins?

Bart Starr

Which nfl quarterback has most road playoff wins?

Len Dawson, Roger Staubach, Jake Delhomme, Joe Flacco, and Mark Sanchez all have 4 road playoff wins.

Which NFL quarterback has most postseason road playoff wins?

Eli Manning, he has 5.

Which NFL team has the most playoff wins on the road?

I'd say the Pittsburg Steelers..:)

What mlb team has the most road games this season?

Seattle Mariners

How many road playoff wins does Brett Favre have?

Three (3)

Most consecutive road wins by a MLB pitcher in a season?

Denny McLain, who won 16 straight road games in 1968.

What MLB team won the most extra inning games on the road in one season?


Which Major League Baseball team had the most road wins in a season?

New York Yankees

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1st team to win 3 playoff games on the road to reach the super bowl?


What is the most games lost in a Major League Baseball season?

The single season record for most games lost by a Major League team is 134 games by the 1899 Cleveland Spiders. They only won 20 games in the 154 game regular season. The modern day record was set by the 2003 Detroit Tigers when they lost 119 games. They finished with a 43-119 record in a 162 game season. They had a 23-58 home record, and went 20-61 on the road.

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What 2 NFL Teams have never won road playoff game?

houston texans and arizona cardinals

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How many playoff road games did the steelers have to win to make it to the super bowl XL?

3 - they won at Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Denver.

What colors are the new England patrios waring for the AFC playoff?

The Pats wore their road colors - white jerseys and blue pants.

What colors are the new England patrios wearing for the AFC playoff?

The Pats wore their road colors - white jerseys and blue pants.