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As of 2007, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most, with over 10,000. As of 2011, that record still stands.

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Q: What team has the losingest record in all sports?
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The Philadelphia Phillies (sadly)

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What is the all time losingest professional sports team?

That is a very difficult question to answer because one would have to compare all of the win percentages of every single team on every single solitary sports league and spend most of your day researching this. To answer your question the Chicago Bears are the worst sports team in the world because their name is entirely unoriginal and pretty much worship George Halas. I mean who wears their coach from 50 years ago's initials on their uniforms? And Vince Lombardi was 10x better than George Halas anyway. They rank up there with the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees. GO PACK GO!!

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