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Q: What team has the largest ground in the championship football league?
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When was Football League Championship created?

Football League Championship was created in 2004.

Was is the largest defeat in the football league championship?

newcastle 41 - midllesborough 1 in 2000

When was Korea Football League Championship created?

Korea Football League Championship was created in 1991.

When will 2013-2014 championship league football start?

The 2013-2014 championship football league started on August, 3 2013. The championship football league season ended on May 33, 2014.

Is Derby football club in the premiership or championship league?

Derby or the Rams as they are called are in the championship league.

Who are coventry city?

They're a football team in the Championship league. Their home ground is the Ricoh Arena --- it used to be Highfield Road.

What was the venue of the 2013 Football League Championship Play-Off?

The venue of the 2013 Football League Championship Play-Off was Wembley Stadium.

In which league does Scunthorpe United play?

Scunthorpe United currently plays in Football League One. This is the third tier of the English football league, below Premier League and Football League Championship. Scunthorpe United was related to Football League One in 2011 after playing three seasons in the Football League Championship tier.

What was the largest margin of victory for a professional football game?

The 1940 National Football League Championship Game, December 8, 1940, Bears 73, Redskins 0.

What English football league is westham in?

NPower Championship.

Who are charlton athletic?

They are an English football team currently in the Football league Championship

Is there Croatian football league in CM 2010 or 2009?

no championship manager does not have that league

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