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New York Yankess have hit the most home runs, with 226 for the season to 20 September.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-21 12:56:46
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Q: What team has hit more home runs in the 2009 season?
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How many Yankee players in 2009 season had 20 or more home runs?


Who had the most home runs in the 2009 MLB season?

Albert Pujols lead Major League Baseball with 47 Home Runs in 2009

How many Red Sox team home runs 2009?

The Boston Red Sox Had 212 Home Runs in the season of 2009, and Jason Bay with the most home runs (36)

What Az diamondback player has most home runs in a season?

Through the 2009 season, that is Luis Gonzalez who hit 57 home runs in 2001.

What stadium has had the most home runs hit in it for the 2009 Season?

In 2009, Yankee Stadium yielded 237 home runs, which led the major leagues..

How many home runs did aaron hill have in 2009?

The Toronto Blue Jays star hit 36 home runs during the 2009 season.

Who hit more home runs in their career Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

Through the 2009 season, Alex Rodriguez has 583 home runs and Derek Jeter has 224.

How many home runs do the Yankees have on the road in 2009?

Yankees hit 108 home runs on the road in the regular season this season, second only to Philadelphia.

How many home runs has david eckstein hit?

David Eckstein has 34 career home runs as of the 2009 season.

How many homerund does Albert pujols have 2009?

Albert Pujols hit 47 home runs in 2009, and finished the season with 366 career home runs.

How many home runs did Mark Teixeira have in 2009?

Mark Teixeira hit 39 home runs for the New York Yankees during the 2009 season.

How many home runs has a-rod hit at the end of seaon 2009?

Alex Rodriguez hit 30 home runs during the 2009 season to give him a total of 583 career home runs.

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