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The New England Patriots have appeared in the most Super Bowls with nine. The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers share the record for 2nd most Super Bowl appearances with eight. The Steelers have claimed a record six Super Bowl titles, while the Patriots, Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers are tied for second place with five each.

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the steelers

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Q: What team has appeared in the Super Bowl the most?
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Have the cleveled brows ever win a super bowl?

No Cleveland Browns team has ever appeared in a Super Bowl.

Who has gone to the Super Bowl the most?

The Dallas Cowboys appeared in 8 Super Bowls the most by any NFL team.

What team scored the most points in the Super Bowl?

If you mean in one game, in Super Bowl 24 the 49ers scored 55 to the Broncos 10 for the most points scored by one team in the Super Bowl.

What was the most recent team to make its inaugural Super Bowl appearance?

As of Super Bowl XLIII, that was the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

Which team attempted the most passes in super bowl 45?

The Steeler completed the most passes in Super Bowl 45.

Which football team has the most Super Bowl experience?

The Cowboys with a total of 8 Super Bowl appearances.

Which team appeared in Super Bowl with 4 different coaches?


Win or lose the team with the most appearances in the Super Bowl was who?

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl 8 times. The most in Super Bowl history. They are 5-3.

Which team is picked to win Super Bowl XLV?

the team that has the most points

Who's been to the Super Bowl the most?

The Dallas Cowboys have made the most Super Bowl appearances, with 8. The Cowboys won 5 & lost 3

Which team has appeared in the super bowl under for different head coaches?


What team has the most losses but played in the Super Bowl?

the patriots