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The Harmlem Globetrodders

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Q: What team does the basketball player Big Easy play for?
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How many player play basketball in each side of team?


How manyoffense players are on a basketball team?

in basketball, there aren't offense players and defense player. everybody on the team knows how to play offense and defense

What female basketball player is the first to play on the Olympic team?

its Teresa Edwards

Are you team player or individual?

yes because i play volleyball basketball soccer

What is the nature of work for a professional basketball player?

If you are a professional basketball player, you need to be able to play the sport extremely well. You also need to be a team player.

How much does a women basketball player make a year?

depends on the position and team and where they play

How many people can play basketball?

5 people can be on a team you can also substitute for a player

How can an American NBA player play on Spain's Olympic basketball team?

By being Spaniard descent.

What famous basketball player refused to play for the 1972 US olympic team?


How many player in basket team?

To play a basketball team, each time must have 5 players to play (there are 10 on the court when playing for each team). But if you have a team it is recommended to have more so if a player gets injured or is tired they can be taken out.

Why you need to play basketball?

Um. U don't NEED to play basketball. U can play it when ever u want to. But that's different when ur a basketball player. U have to play even if u don't feel like it. But that's only if ur in a basketball team.

Can you steal in basketball?

No, you should play nicely and honestly in order to be a good team player and win the game!