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Kick off 7:15pm

Lets rock those giants.

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The Cowboys' home games are either at noon or 3:25 p.m. Central Time. The times of their road games and prime-time contests can vary.

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Q: What team does the Dallas cowboys play on Sep.19 2010?
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If packers and cowboys play for championship game where would they play 2010?

Dallas. Dallas is a Division Champion. Green Bay is a wild card team

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What sport do the Dallas Cowboys play?

The Dallas Cowboys play American-style Football.

What is the stadium that the Dallas Cowboys play on?

Cowboys Stadium.

How did the Dallas Cowboys play before 1960?

They didn't. The Dallas Cowboys' inaugural season was in 1960.

What do cowboys play?

if your speaking of the dallas cowboys the sport is football

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Don Meredith's final season with the Cowboys was 1968.

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Troy Aikman spent 12 years with the Cowboys between 1989-2000.