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The French mfootballer M.Ribery plays for the German giants Bayern Munich.

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Franck Ribery is a very popular football icon. Franck is known to play on many different football teams, both in his native country of France and in the United States.

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Q: What team does ribery play for?
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Who does franck ribery play for?

Bayern Munich in Germany.

How good is Franck Ribery?

He is actually average. He flopped with the french team at the world cup.

Who is the star players for france football team?

It is mainly Franck Ribery and Theirry Henry.

Who is France's key team player?

They were Franck Ribery, sydney Govou, Loris, William Gallas.Henry.

Players to play for marseilles and bayern Munich?

Franck Ribery and Jean-Pierre Papin

What position does frank ribery play?

Currently he's 26 years old. He was born the seventh of April 1983.

Which team did soccer player ribery played for in 2004?

Soccer is really stupid American Football all the way

What is franck ribery religion?

Frank Ribery France international and bayern Munich footballer Is definatly a Muslim.

Who is best french football player?

it should be frank ribery becous he play well for the club and his country

What foot does Franck Ribery use?

Franck Ribery uses his right foot.

What is frank ribery's kit number?

Frank Ribery's kit number is 7.

Will frank ribery play for real Madrid?

It is quite possible that he may play for Real Madrid, but Barcelona also want him next season.