What team does reina play for?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Jose "Pepe" Reina currently plays for Liverpool FC in England. He is the 2nd vice captain for the club. Reina also is the goalie for International Spain.

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Q: What team does reina play for?
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What team did reina play for before Liverpool?

Pepe Reina previously played for Villarreal before joining Liverpool in 2005.

On which position does the football player Pepe Reina play?

Pepe Reina is a Spanish football player. He is a goalkeeper for the Spanish national football team and the Premier League club Liverpool. He was born August 31, 1982.

Which national team Victor Valdes for play?

Victor Valdes is Spanish, but is as yet uncapped by the national team due to the excellence of other goalkeepers, such as Iker Casillas and Jose Reina.

For what club does Pepe Reina play?

As of June 2014, Pepe Reina plays for Napoli, a club in Italy.

What position does Pepe Reina play?

no pepe reina hasn't scored a goal as he is a goalkeeper

For what country did Pepe Reina play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Pepe Reina played for Spain in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who is the Liverpool goalkeeper?

the current goal keeper for Liverpool is Pepe Reina and 2 subs keepers

Who is the Spain's soccer team golkeeper?

The Spanish International team's starting goalkeeper is Iker Casillas. Their Back-up Goalies are Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes.

Does reina rock?

im reina and i rock///?

When was Reina born?

Reina was born in 1978.

Where is reina?

== == Reina is Spanish it means Queen, Reina Sofia Airport is on The Spanish Island of Teneriffe

What is the birth name of Juanita Reina?

Juanita Reina's birth name is Juana Reina Castrillo.