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Guillermo Ochoa is the Mexican goalkeeper playing for Mexico's National soccer team. The last soccer team he played with was Ajaccio. He is now a free agent waiting to sign with a new team.

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Q: What team does ochoa play for?
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What team does ochoa the goalie play for?

mexico and america

What team does guillermo ochoa play for?

He plays for America in the Mexican Premier League.

What team is memo ochoa in?

Memo Ochoa is in Club America.

Who is Guillermo Ochoa's favorite team?

It is not known who Guillermo Ochoa's favorite team is. It is possible that the Mexico national team is his favorite team as he plays for them.

What position does Guillermo Ochoa play?

Guillermo Ochoa plays as a Goal Keeper for Mexico.

What instrement does Ellen Ochoa play?

Ellen Ochoa played the flute.

What instrument does Ellen ochoa play?

the flute

For what club does Guillermo Ochoa play?

As of June 2014, Guillermo Ochoa plays for Ajaccio, a club in France.

Why did Ochoa play soccer?

he wants to play soccer because he likes to play soccer.

Guillermo ochoa what is your job?

He is a golakeeper for the Mexican soccer team America.

Who is the best goal keeper of the team Mexican?

Luis Ernesto Michel, of course! Except they play Oscar Perez and Memo Ochoa before him b/c they have experience.

For what country did Guillermo Ochoa play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Guillermo Ochoa played for Mexico in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Which team wants guillermo ochoa?

bayern munich, sporting lisbon, and fc porto

What is the name of Ellen Ochoa's mom?

the name of Ellen Ochoa's mom is Rosanne Ochoa

What is the birth name of Manolo Ochoa?

Manolo Ochoa's birth name is Manuel Ochoa.

When was the Ochoa Plane invented?

Victor Ochoa

Who is Ryan ochoa's father?

rick ochoa

Are Guillermo Ochoa and Lorena Ochoa related?

no they are not. Guillermo Ochoa has a younger sister and her name is Ana Laura Ochoa and she plays tennis.

What is the birth name of Christina Ochoa?

Christina Ochoa's birth name is Cristina Ochoa Lopez.

What is the birth name of Eliades Ochoa?

Eliades Ochoa's birth name is Eliades Ochoa Bustamante.

What is the birth name of Marina Ochoa?

Marina Ochoa's birth name is Marina Ochoa Tanda.

What is the birth name of Rolando Ochoa?

Rolando Ochoa's birth name is Rolando Ochoa Garca.

Who are Ellen Ochoa's parents?

Rosanne Ochoa is the mother of astronaut Ellen Ochoa. The name of Ellen Ochoa's father is not known. Ellen is the current director of the Johnson Space Center.

What is the name of Ellen ochoa's father?

Joseph Ochoa

What is Ryan ochoa's parents name?

Ellen ochoa