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she plays for the Indianapolis fever. (WMBA)

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Q: What team does Tamika Catchings play for?
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What is Tamika Catchings's birthday?

Tamika Catchings was born on July 21, 1979.

When was Tamika Catchings born?

Tamika Catchings was born on July 21, 1979.

Where can you find the Tamika Catchings interview with EEW Magazine?

The Tamika Catchings Interview with EEW Magazine can be found at this link:

What is Tamika Catchings' brother's name?

Kenyon Catchings

How old is Tamika Catchings?

Tamika Catchings is 37 years old (birthdate: July 21, 1979).

Who is tamika catchings dating?


Was tamika catchings deaf?


Is tamika catchings married?

Tamika catching is not married

Who is Tamika Catchings?

wnba ball player

What is Tamika Catchings salary?

300.000 yr

Who won the MVP award in the WNBA this year?

Tamika catchings

What tamika catchings father?

Father Harvey played for the Sixers.