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He's not a real player he's a fictional character like in most films

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New castle united

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Q: What team does Santiago Munez play for in 08 fifa?
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What team did Santiago Munez play for?

Santiago Munez was a fictional character in the film trilogy Goal!

What team does Santiago Munez plays for?


What team does Santiago Munez play for in Goal 3?

Still Real Madrid, but at the World Cup he'd play for Mexico.

What team has spent the most in premier league?

Santiago munez.

What team does santiago munez plays for at 2009?

He is a fictional character from the movie Goal!

What MLB team does Ramon Santiago play for?

Ramon Santiago plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

What MLB team does Santiago Casilla play for?

Santiago Casilla plays for the San Fancisco Giants.

What MLB team does Hector Santiago play for?

Hector Santiago plays for the Los Angeles Angels.

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What fifa team does Messi play for?

The team that Messi plays for is Barcelona and Argentina

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