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he was traded from the supersonics to the Boston Celtics

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Q: What team does Ray Allen play for?
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What NBA team does Ray Allen play for?

Ray Allen plays for the Miami Heat.

What NBA team does Ray Allen play for in 2014-2015?

Ray Allen currently isn't on an NBA team.

What team does ray allen play for now?

Boston Celtics

Who is a better play Ray Allen or Marquis Daniels?

Ray Allen

Did Kevin durant and ray Allen play on the same team?

Only for a few hours, after durant was drafted by the seattle supersonics, ray Allen was traded to Boston later that day

Ray Allen began his career with which team?

Ray Allen began his NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucksin 1996.

Ray Allen begain his career with which team?


What college did NBA player Ray Allen play for?

NBA player Ray Allen played for Connecticut.

What position dies Ray Allen play?

Allen plays shooting guard.

What position did ray Allen play?

shooting guard

What position does Ray Allen play?

Shooting Guard, the third best in the NBA. Ray Allen is a guard for the Miami Heat.

Is Dwayne Wade or Ray Allen better at basketball?

It Depends on what you mean by better at Basketball, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen or different because of the way that they play. Ray Allen is more of a shooter, while Dwayne Wade is a better all around player since he has to play that role for his team's success.Ray Allen would be my answer, and this answer might be a bit bias since I am a die hard Celtics fan

What NFL team does Will Allen play for?

Will Allen plays for the Pittsburg Steelers.

What were the shoes worn by Ray Allen in the 08-09 NBA finals?

Ray Allen did not play in the 2008-2009 nba finals.

Where did Ray Allen play before the Celtics?

he played in the bucks

What NBA team does Walter Ray Allen play on?

He currently plays for the Boston Celtics. His last teams were the Milwaukee Bucks and the Seattle Supersonics.

What teams have ray Allen been on?

Ray Allen has played for 4 teams the team he was drafted by was the Minnesota Timberwolves but never played on that team Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics,and the Boston Celtics.

What is Ray Allen's full name?

Ray Allen's full name is Walter Ray Allen.

What is the birth name of Allen Ray?

Allen Ray's birth name is Allen Edward Ray.

What is ray allen's full name?

Ray Allen's full name is Walter Ray Allen.

Who is better Allen Iverson or Ray Allen?

Ray allen was better

Why did Ray Allen decide to play basketball?

Because the love of the game

Is ray Allen adopted?

Ray Allen was no adopted

Is Ray Allen a Muslim?

Ray Allen is a Muslim

What NBA team does Lavoy Allen play for?

Lavoy Allen plays for the Indiana Pacers.