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Oher, whose life was depicted in the 2009 Academy Award-winning movie "The Blind Side," is the starting left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

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Q: What team does Michael Oher play for now?
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What team does Michael Oher the football player play for now?

A of right now he is with the ravens.

What team did Michael Oher play after the New England Patriots?

He's on the ravens now

Does Michal Oher still play for the RAVNS?

No, Michael Oher does not play for the Ravens. He now plays for the Tennessee Titans.

Is Michael Oher still in the NFL?

Michael Oher is currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens. He is now with the Tennessee Titians

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Did Michael Oher push a guy over a wall?

Every thing in the movie is true Michel Oher now plays for the Ravens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best nfl player that plays now?

Michael Oher, but that's just an opinion

What is Michael oar do now?

The answer to what happened to Michael Oher is a difficult one. The veteran right tackle failed his physical ahead of the 2017 season and was subsequently released by the Carolina Panthers. A growing number of injuries constituted lead to what happened to Michael Oher, and his story reveals what NFL players have to go through to be on the field. Since then, Michael Oher has been without a job in the NFL. For the question 'Where is Michael Oher now?', he lives in his Baltimore house, bought from the earnings of his NFL career.

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