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If you mean Giovani dos Santos, how playing for Barcelona 2007. He is right now playing for Ipswich Town, a championship-club.

Giovani now plays for Tottenham HotSpur in the Barclays Premier League.

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Q: What team does Jonathan dos Santos play?
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When was Jonathan dos Santos born?

Jonathan dos Santos was born on 1990-04-26.

What team does jonothan dos Santos play in?


Did Jonathan dos Santos cry when Giovanni dos Santos when to the world cup?


Does Giovanni dos Santos have 2 brothers?

Yes, Giovanni dos Santos has two brothers Jonathan and Eder dos Santos.

How many years apart are Giovanni dos Santos and Jonathan dos Santos?

2 years boet

Does Giovani Dos Santos have siblings?

Yes, he has a brother, Jonathan Dos Santon

What team does Giovani dos Santos play for?

Giovani dos Santos plays for the football club Marcolla. He is a Mexican born football player and has previously played for Barcelona as a midfielder.

What was Giovanni dos Santos's team in 2005?

tottenham spurs a Mexican team

Who is the number one in the Mexico team?

Giovani dos Santos

What soccer team did Giovani dos Santos play for?

Dos Santos plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Barclay's English Premier League. He wears the number 17 jersey and plays forward. Also, he is a member of the Mexican National Team. Dos Santos has been loaned to a couple of lower tier English clubs during his stay at Spurs, but he is listed on the current first team roster for the club. He previously played for FC Barcelona.

For what country did Giovani dos Santos play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Giovani dos Santos played for Mexico in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What is the birth name of Agostinho dos Santos?

Agostinho dos Santos's birth name is Augustinho dos Santos.