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Q: What team does Aston merrigold support?
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Is Aston merrigold single?


What is Aston merrigold full name?

is Aston merrygold brother in emmerdale

What is Aston merrygolds Skype name?

jls merrigold

Does Aston merrigold have a gilfriend?

yes, Sarah Richards

When was anston merrigold in jls?

His name is Aston Merrygold, and he still is in JLS.

Is Aston merrigold a good singer?

Yes he is the best singer in the universe

Does Aston merrigold have kids?

no he hasn't got kids he never married yet

Who is Aston merrigold going out with?

Sarah Richards, a JLs backing dancer (Decemeber 2012)

Which football team does Aston support in jls?


What football team does Aston support?

Aston Merrygold From JLS Supports Arsenal. C'mon Arsenal xx

Is Aston merrigold gay?

yes he is gay its on the news/news paper yes he is gay and so wat if he is. i say good luck to him

What team does Aston Merrygold support?

Aston supports Arsenal along with JB Oritsé supports Fulham and Marvin supports Chealsea