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Q: What team did the pittsburg penguins beat to win the 2009 Stanley cup?
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Who did Pittsburgh penguins beat in 2009 Stanley cup finals?

Detroit Red Wings in 7 games

What team did the Penguins beat to win the 2009 Stanley cup?

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Redwings to win the 2009 Stanley Cup. The winning team was decided in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, when Pittsburgh beat Detroit by a score of 2-1. Maxime Talbot scored the winning goal.

Who is the Stanley cup champs for 2009?

the Pittsburgh penguins beat the Detroit red wings in 7 games to capture there 3rd title years:1992,1993,and 2009! GO PENS!

What years have Pittsburgh penguins won the Stanley cup since Sidney Crosby?

2009 they would have won it in 2008 but the Detroit red wings beat them

The Detroit Redwings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2008 Stanley Cup in which sport?

ice hockey

Who won Super Bowl 2009?

The Pittsburgh SteelersThe Pittsburg Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals

What team did the Pittsburgh Pengins beat to win the 2009 Stanley Cup?

Detroit Red Wings

What was largest scoring differential in Stanley Cup finals?

I'm not sure if this one is the biggest scoring differential or not, but in the 1991 Stanley Cup Final game 6 the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Minnesota North Stars 8-0 to clinch the Stanley Cup. That is the biggest that I recall

Who are the last three teams the Detroit Red Wings beat when they won the Stanley Cup?

2008 Pittsburgh Penguins 2002 Carolina Hurricanes 1998 Washington Capitals

What teams beat the Dallas Cowboys in the superbowl?

Pittsburg and the colts

How many penguins do you have to beat on club penguin to get a yellow belt?

50 Penguins......

How do you beat avalange rescue?

You beat Avalange Rescue by Rescuing Four penguins.

What do kids do for fun in Croatia?

Beat Penguins to Death.

Who won the Pittsburgh penguins game last night?

penguins beat the flyers

Who did Calgary beat to win the Stanley cup?

Montreal Canadiens

Who did Detroit beat in the 2001 Stanley cup finals?


Who won the penguins game last night?

On May 19, 2017, the Penguins beat the Senators by a score of 3 to 2.

Who was in the Stanley Cup game in 1987?

The Edmonton Oilers beat the Philadelphia Flyers for the 1986-87 Stanley Cup.

How many penguins do you have to beat in club penguin to get a yellow belt?


How do you beat the 2 blue penguins?

u get a snow ball then hit them

In the Stanley Cup finals what year did the Edmonton Oilers beat the New York Islanders?

The Edmonton Oilers beat the New York Islanders in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1984, ending the Islanders 4 year Stanley-Cup streak.

What is the biggest comeback in NHL Stanley Cup Finals game?

I'm sure there are several tied with this game, but in 1992, the Pittsburgh Penguins overcame a 4-1 defecit in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final to beat the Chicago Blackhawks 5-4. Pittsburgh went on to sweep the series 4-0.

What team won the Stanley cup in1986?

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Calgary Flames for the 1985-86 Stanley Cup.

Who did the Carolina hurricanes beat to win the Stanley Cup?

The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup.

Who beat the Canucks and went on to win Stanley cup?

boston bruins