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Q: What team did the Red Sox acquire David Ortiz?
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Related questions

What MLB team does David Ortiz play for?

David Ortiz plays for the Boston Red Sox.

What team does David Ortiz play on?

The Boston Red Sox

What other team did david ortiz play for besides the red sox?

The Minesota Twins

What is David Ortiz's number on the Boston Red Sox?

David Ortiz is number 34 on the Boston Red Sox.

David Ortiz played on what team before coming to the Red Sox?

Minnesota Twins David Ortiz' first season with the Red Sox was 2003. Prior to that, he spent 1997-2002 with the Minnesota Twins.

Is David ortiz married?

David Ortiz is an American baseball player, known for playing for the Boston Red Sox. He is married to Tiffany Ortiz.

In what country was David Ortiz born?

David Americo Ortiz Arias, an American baseball player currently playing for the American Team the Red Socks, was born November 18, 1975 nicknamed Big Papi.

How much money does david ortiz make a yearwith bosto red sox?

In 2008 David Ortiz made 13,000,000 dollars.

Is David Ortiz dead?

No. He plays for the Boston Red Sox.

When did David Ortiz sign with the Red Sox?

2002 ©

Is David Ortiz still in The Boston Red Sox?


Does Albania Ortiz have any Siblings?

Yes. She is related to David Ortiz. (Baseball player for Red sox)

How many homeruns did david ortiz hit in 2004?

David Ortiz hit 41 home runs for the Boston Red Sox in 2004

Who is the most respected player on the Boston Red Sox?

david ortiz

Is david ortiz first baseman on the Red Sox?

David Ortiz is the DH on the red sox, but he will fill in the 1B spot on the road against national league teams so he can stay in the lineup.

What year did david ortiz join the Red Sox?

he joined the red sox in 04 or 05

Who is the best Boston Red Sox player right now?

David Ortiz

Did David Ortiz use to play for the Yankees?

no,he was on the twins be4 he was a red sox.

Why is David Ortiz famous?

Greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history.

Who holds the Red Sox single season home run record?

david ortiz

Who won the 2010 home run derby?

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox

Who won the home run derby 2010?

Red Sox DH David Ortiz

What team did David Ortiz play before the red soxs?

Minnesota Twins. '97 - '02. Has been playing for the Sox from '03 on. Also Mariners before Twins

What was the most home runs david ortiz hit in one season?

The most home runs David Ortiz hit in one season was 54, in 2006 with the Boston Red Sox.

Who was the first baseman for the Red Sox in 2003?

it would either be david ortiz or Kevin youkliss