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California Angels.

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Q: What team did nolan Ryan go to after the mets?
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What collage did nolan Ryan go to?

Nolan was drafted in '65 by the Mets after high school.

Where did nolan Ryan go to college?

He didn't. The Mets drafted him out of high school

What college did nolan Ryan go to?

Nolan Ryan did not attend college. In 1965 he was drafted by New York Mets immediately after graduating from high school.

What nicknames does Nolan Ryan go by?

Nolan Ryan goes by The Ryan Express, and The Express.

Did Nolan Ryan go to College?

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Nolan Ryan, attended Alvin Community College for one year. The college is located in Alvin, Texas. Ryan made his MLB debut in 1966 for the New York Mets.

What is Nolan Ryan's official fan email address?

you can go to fanmail.blz

Who is the best player on the New York Mets?

Currently David Wright an Johan Santana. All time I would go with Gary Carter an either Doc Gooden Tom Seaver or Nolan Ryan.

Did nolan Ryan go to an all-star game?

Yes, I'm not sure how much but a lot

What high school did nolan Ryan go to?

Alvin High School in Alvin, Texas ... he graduated in 1965.

What is nick Jonas's favourite baseball team?

Yankees! They stink though i for one i am a Mets fan. Go Mets. Mets all the way.

Does nolan Ryan play basketball?

no he dosnt who ever a asked this qustion needs to go get a life other that stalking someone

Who is better mets or Phillies?

I would say that the Phillies have a better all-around team, but the Mets have a better fanbase. Mets fans are the most loyal fans in all of baseball! Philly fans are very classless and are very immature. Mets fans are very loyal to their team, even when the Mets were averaging 100 loses a season! Yes, Phillies have a better team, but the Mets have the best fans in all of sports! LETS GO METS!

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