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Q: What team did kobe brayan play for before lakers?
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Who did Kobe Bryant play for before going to the la lakers?

golden state warriors

Did Kobe Bryant play on the lakers in 1991?


What sport does Kobe Bryan play?

It is most likely Kobe Bryant played all his N.B.A games for the Lakers.

Did Kobe Bryant's sisters play basketball?

yes they did they play in WNBA on the lakers

What is position does Kobe play on the Lakers?

point guard or shooting guard

What is Kobe Bryants contract?

Kobe Bryant's contract is a document he signed so that he might play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Did Kobe Bryant play for the 76ers?

No, Kobe has played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Which sport does Kobe Bryant play professionally?

Basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA league.

Is Kobe Bryant the best player on the lakers team?

Yes but kuky & Cenobio were twice as good as Kobe before he retired from the NBA! Cenobio lives in Ukiah CA were he teaches lil elementary kids how to play basketball

What does Kobe Bryan play on the lakers?

He plays for the dodgers! ..jk for the los angeles lakers obviously hes been playing with the lakers since 1996 he has 13 seasons playing with the lakers and he's only 31`years old!!!!

What position does Brayan Beckeles play?

Brayan Beckeles plays as a Defender for Honduras.

What position does Brayan Pena play?

Brayan Pena is a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds.